Gene Tanner grew up in Jacksonville, Florida and has been an avid car fan since he saw and heard his first hot rod. His passion for cars originated from his dad’s interest in hot rod cars. His dad owned a customized 1959 Corvette, and Gene would push the car out of the garage at the age of 13 just to wash it and put it back in the garage. At the age of 15, he bought his first car, a 1955 Chevrolet pickup truck, by mowing lawns to earn enough money to make the purchase. Gene started his career in professional mechanics by joining the Air National Guard and serving the military as an Aircraft Maintenance Specialist. He worked on the F-16 Fighting Falcon during his time in the military. Additionally, Gene worked for Mercedes Benz for approximately 21 years and was one of their technicians that specialized in the Maybach and the SLR McLaren.

He has been Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Master Certified since 2003. Gene started his own hot rod restoration project in 1999 when he purchased a 1932 Henry Ford Coupe in Middleburg, FL. Gene still owns this car, “The Deuce”, and it is featured on this website. His passion does not stop with hot rods, it also includes 4 x 4 trucks. You will see a 2005 and 2017 Ford F-250 featured on this website, which were both modified by Gene. The modifications consisted of installing lift kits, air ride suspension, wheels and tires, customized grille, and bed covers. Using his many years of experience and expertise, Gene’s desire is to build a world-renowned hot rod shop that would offer the most imaginative of customers their ultimate dream machine.

Personal Projects Completed by Gene Tanner

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